Finra guidance could help departing reps hang onto clients

Brent quoted in Investment News - FINRA's new guidance makes it easier for client's to find and follow their Registered Reps during transitions. This will likely weaken the effect of non-solicitation agreements and blur the distinction between Protocol and Non-Protocol firms.

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Teaching attorneys about the Protocol for Broker Recruiting

Brent was invited to Los Angeles to speak on a Panel to teach other attorneys about recent developments related to the Protocol for Broker Recruiting at the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association's (PIABA) mid-year CLE event: Current Issues in Securities Dispute Resolution. (May 5, 2018)

Morgan Stanley dumps broker recruiting protocol

"Investors have long relationships with brokers, although firms like to think the relationship is with the firm, and sometime it is," said Brent Burns, an industry attorney. "But most of the relationship is with the adviser. Watch all the ads on TV — the broker is at the wedding, he's there when...

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